Friday 13 January 2012

Malta hedge funds generate more press buzz

It's very encouraging to see the hard work put in by local professionals and regulators being rewarded by a string of positive reviews focusing on the Malta hedge funds centre. It is indeed no longer correct to speak of Malta as a fledgling financial services jurisdiction; the country is very much a bona fide mature centre that can cater for the needs of a variety of industries and hosts some top names and professionals.

Thus, following hot on the heels of the Bloomberg article mentioned in a previous post, we now have a Business Insider article highlighting a number of reasons for opting for the Malta hedge fund solution. The reasons highlighted by the article include the country's excellent climate, competitive tax rates, sound regulatory infrastructure and EU membership. You can read the article here:

Bloomberg has also followed up its article with an interview with the article's author. While warmly praising the domcile, the author sounds a warning note about the possibilities of the jurisdiction losing its edge as growth reduces the available human resources and dents competitiveness, but reassures viewers that this certainly won't be a problem in the short term. Indeed, with the various incentives and projects that are underway in this regad, I would say that the country appears to be very well aware of this challenge and is doing plenty to address this scenario even in the medium and long term. You can view the interview here:

Dr Charles Cassar
Financial Services Lawyer
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